Category: Verbal

I vote against harassment

Dude. Do you seriously not see anything wrong with pulling over to tell a girl who is so clearly at least half your age that she is beautiful? I might be good looking but the creep factor of pulling over is just too much. Do you think I’m going to get in your car? And … Continued

Cab Driver from Hell

I was walking through a crosswalk WITH a stop sign and a cab driver came speeding through and almost hit me. He then tried to lecture me for what seemed like an eternity. He scolded me for crossing a pedestrian walkway on a college campus, saying that he would think a young woman would be … Continued

Drive By Harassment

“Do you like pretty white boys?” No. No one likes any boy who yells things to women out of car windows.

I’m Just Trying to Get to Work Here

I say hi to you because you see me leave for work every day. Not because I want to have a conversation. I am wearing a dress because I want to. Not to be your morning eye candy. The worst part, is I can’t blow you off or tell you off for objectifying me. I … Continued

Ami’s Story: He Will Not Be Ignored

I was walking to Rouses market and a man who passed by said “Hey beautiful, how you doing?” I ignored him and kept walking, and he said something like “You doing good?” as follow up. After years of anti-street harassment work I still don’t understand why some men think talking to women they don’t know … Continued

Natalie’s Story: Every Day on Canal

It’s a struggle to go home after work every day. I have to ride my bicycle on Canal St and hope and pray that I don’t get a red light under the overpass on Claiborne and Canal as this is where a large quantity of men shout obscenities at me. I then have to continue … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Waiting for the streetcar that feels like will never come. I was too busy looking up the streetcar schedule to acknowledge the guy having a conversation at me from a truck, or to get a picture of the truck and the company he works for. This guy is having a conversation at me from truck. … Continued

Lianna’s Story: Have Some Respect

walking down the street around the corner from my house on a thursday morning at 9:30 am, I see a man coming toward me. I consider whether to avoid eye contact completely, and make it for a couple of seconds. The man says, “How you doing, boo?” and something else I can’t understand. I say, … Continued

Lauren’s Story: From Compliment to Insult

I’ve been harassed plenty of times, in plenty of locations, but one sticks out vividly in my memory. My two friends and I were walking down Maple Street, and we passed a group of guys hanging out on the sidewalk. They said something to us—I don’t remember what—but we didn’t stop, kept walking and laughing … Continued