Holla::Art Project

Hollaback! New Orleans is proud to announce the next stage in the Holla::Art Project! The Holla::Art Project was made possible by a generous grant from Voqal through the Hollaback!-Run Innovation Challenge.

The first ever Holla::Art Project is public installation/video projection, taking street harassment stories offline and into the public realm.

We Want You to Get Involved

The video projection will include short video interviews, audio interviews, and quotes. If you would like to have your story be included, you can do so in one for three ways.

  1. Record and upload a video or audio file
    Use this form or email [email protected]
    Videos should be taken on a solid (preferably black) background with little to no background noise
    Check out the written response form for questions to address
  2. Have a Hollaback! New Orleans team member help you create a video
    Email [email protected]
  3. Submit written responses to questions
    Use this form and answer a few questions to include your story in the Holla::Art Project in text form

You can keep your responses as long or as short as you need to. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Want to do More?

Email Us! We’d love to have your help with shooting, editing, and planning.