About Us

Vanessa, Site Director

Vanessa retired her nomadic feet in New Orleans when she moved here to obtain her masters degree. Vanessa is an actor, dancer, singer, writer, photographer, artist, and architect. She’ll never be too old for light-up mardi gras swords or costumes. Vanessa is a part of Hollaback! because she refuses to accept fear as an every-day reality.

Nate, Site Leader

Nate was born and raised in north Louisiana and studied business in college. After college, he moved to Chicago to study classic French Pastry under a few of the best at the French Pastry School (best 6 months ever). Shortly thereafter Nate moved to NOLA and fell in love with the city. Nowadays, Nate makes pies for a living and loves traveling and eating pastries in different places. In his spare time, Nate works with Edible School Yard New Orleans as a guest chef teacher (in awe of children who know more about nutrition thank he ever did at that age). Also, Nate like promoting bomb non-profits on local news stations with my friends/ colleagues. Next on the list, take down the patriarchy.

Jessica, Site Leader

Jessica settled again in New Orleans after being raised in the Pacific Northwest, completing her undergrad at Tulane, and moving to the Northeast for a few years. She is passionate about working with arts non-profits and has interned at more than she would have thought was possible. After years of working retail, Jessica spends most of her now-free weekends going to any and every festival she can. After having been harassed on the streets of all 7 cities she’s lived in and more scary instances than she can count, she’s ready to help change the narrative about what constitutes a “compliment”.

Lauren, Site Leader

Lauren was born and raised in the River Parishes of South Louisiana, and, excluding a brief stint in New York City, has lived in New Orleans her entire adult life. A passion for history and this wacky, wonderful region led her to a job at a museum in the French Quarter, a place that can represent all that’s magical and terrible about New Orleans. She joined the HollaBack! team to help make the city a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.