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Lower Garden District
October 24, 2015

An Anonymous Story: I vote against…

Dude. Do you seriously not see anything wrong with pulling over to tell a girl who is so clearly at least half your age that she is beautiful? I might be good looking but the creep factor of pulling over is just too much. Do you think I'm going to get in your car? And no, in not telling you who I voted for. I bet I can guess who…
Tulane - Gravier
August 28, 2015

An Anonymous Story: Say Good Morning…

The bus is pulling up and I'm about to get on and a man walks by saying, yelling good morning. I'm not paying attention to him because I don't have to and because I have things on my mind. The other woman at the stop was on the phone. He kept screaming good morning at us until the other woman acknowledged him. Why is it that men feel so entitled…


The New Hollaback App is Here!

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below.   What is street harassment? How did the new app come about? How is this app different from the old one? How do I use the app? Can I share my story anonymously? What happens after I share my story? Why should I share my story? What happens … Continued

Street Savvy Workshop with NOLA Women on Bikes!

Join Hollaback! New Orleans and NOLA Women on Bikes for a free informational and bicycle maintenance workshop at Dashing Bicycles & Accessories. We’ll be discussing how you can be involved in ending street harassment right here in New Orleans. We will also be covering basic bicycle maintenance including a brief bicycle anatomy overview with a … Continued

Cornell International Survey on Street Harassment

Hollaback! and Cornell University began a large-scale research survey on street harassment in 2014. The research was released in two parts: Part I reviewed data from the United States and Part II of the survey, a cross-cultural analysis of street harassment from 42 cities around the globe, was released in May 2015. There were over … Continued